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  1. Heffernan, Megan MPH
  2. Meit, Michael MA, MPH
  3. Powers, Molly CPH
  4. Castrucci, Brian C. DrPH, MA
  5. Sellers, Katie DrPH, CPH


Objective: This study uses qualitative methodology to describe a range of business leaders' attitudes about health.


Methods: Five Chambers of Commerce executives and 10 business leaders shared their opinions on the value they place on health in their business and the larger community.


Results: Employee health was highlighted as a top priority among business leaders. The importance of business investment in community health more broadly was not discussed as frequently among business leaders. While attitudes may vary across industries and company sizes, many business executives recognized the direct role health plays in their business productivity and revenue. Compared with employee health, community health was not as salient to these business leaders; however, they do recognize the link between community health and economic development.


Conclusions: Increasing business leaders' engagement in improving community health may require additional education and resources. Further research is needed to gather representative data on business leaders' attitudes about health.