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The ASN Foundation is an independent, 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is committed to advancing the American Society for Nutrition's (ASN's) mission and offering resources for its 8000 members and the entire nutrition community across the globe. Through the foundation's programs, nutrition practitioners have access to practical information based on sound science.

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We cannot do it without your support.


It is only through charitable donations that the ASN Foundation is able to provide critical resources and opportunities not funded through ASN dues. The ASN Foundation is ASN's philanthropic arm that gives donors a unique opportunity to contribute to programs that make a positive difference. Examples of recent ASN Foundation activities made possible through generous donations include the following:


* Earlier this year, more than 7000 registered dietitians were among the 30 000 attendees who participated in NUTRITION 2020 LIVE ONLINE free of charge courtesy of the ASN Foundation, the largest gathering of nutrition professionals offering education, group discussions, and the latest and best science.


* With almost 1000 archived presentations featuring the current hot topics in nutrition, ASN on Demand is a 24/7 resource for learning anytime, anywhere. Free access to ASN on Demand was made available to ASN members via support from the ASN Foundation. Plus, ASN's engaging and informative webinars help practitioners gain knowledge to provide better care and earn Continuing Professional Education credit. And ASN's online education modules just launched this year are self-paced, engaging, and convenient courses that deliver the latest in nutrition education. Participation in ASN webinars is also offered free of charge.


* The ASN Foundation is active in the implementation of the recommendations and outcomes from ASN's "Ensuring Trust, Transparency and Scientific Rigor in Nutrition Science" initiative. We are committed to enhancing the quality and credibility of nutrition research and building trust and transparency for those who use research to establish nutrition practice guidelines, for the public who seek to make positive food choices, and for those who make public policy and research funding decisions.


* This year, the ASN Foundation has awarded numerous grants and scholarships totaling nearly $100 000. Since its inception in 2010, the ASN Foundation has bestowed more than 150 awards totaling more than $750 000.



As we look to the future, ASN and the ASN Foundation aim to increase our programming for clinicians, including expanding professional development opportunities for registered dietitians and increasing translational research. This is the kind of support you need to stay at the forefront of developments in nutrition and separate fact from fiction so you can better assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems.


Every day, your work contributes to creating a healthier world through nutrition. Imagine the impact you can make beyond your own capabilities when you support the work of others. When you donate to the ASN Foundation, you are expanding your contributions to the future of nutrition science and practice.


Learn more about the ASN Foundation and make a 2020 tax-deductible donation at