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  1. Shah, Aunjum Reyaz MTech
  2. Sharma, Paras PhD
  3. Longvah, Thingnganing PhD
  4. Gour, Vinod Singh PhD
  5. Kothari, S. L.
  6. Shah, Yasir Reyaz MTech
  7. Ganie, Showkat Ahmad PhD


Psyllium is an important medicinal plant cultivated in India, Pakistan, and Iran. The psyllium seed's husk is rich in arabinoxylans, and this component is used for treating certain gastrointestinal problems. It is also used as an ingredient in foods to improve their fiber content, texture, and rheological and sensory characteristics. Large doses of psyllium can give rise to flatulence and bloating. Also, in rare cases, psyllium husk can cause skin sensitivity and respiratory allergy in sensitive individuals after prolonged exposure.