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  1. Agoulnik, Dorothy MS, RD
  2. Lalonde, Mathieu Pascal PhD
  3. Ellmore, George S. PhD
  4. McKeown, Nicola M. PhD


Public interest in the Paleo diet (PD) has been growing since 2002, following the publication of Dr Loren Cordain's book The Paleo Diet. The premise of this diet is rooted in the ancestral hunter-gatherer pattern of eating, including lean meat, fish/seafood, fruits, vegetables (leaves and tubers), and nuts. Many followers adopt the diet as a healthier alternative to the standard American diet. Today, however, the interpretation and practice of the PD vary. To promote an increased understanding of the PD and its potential health benefits and to also help clinicians better engage with patients following the PD, researchers should work to (1) standardize how PD is defined in the literature and (2) examine the nutrient composition of the PD.