health planning, linkages, MAPP



  1. Erwin, Paul C. MD
  2. Hamilton, Charles B. DrPH
  3. Welch, Stephanie MS-MPH


The importance of establishing and sustaining academic-public health practice linkages has been a point of emphasis in the Institute of Medicine reports on public health in 1988 and in 2003. One likely barrier to fostering such linkages is the absence of a clear framework that matches academic requirements to practice realities. This article describes how an academic-public health practice collaborative has used MAPP in a health planning course for Master of Public Health students over a 3-year period, allowing students the opportunity to work in communities with public health practitioners. The specific focus for each of these 3 years has varied, but underlying the work has been a consistent approach to teaching and working in communities with MAPP as the frame of reference. The outcome of this work has been of value to students and faculty, to public health department staff, and, most important, to the communities where this work has taken place. This suggests that there is great potential for using MAPP as a framework for establishing and strengthening academic-public health practice linkages.