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We Welcome New Editorial Advisory Board Members at Nutrition Today!

Nutrition Today is pleased to announce 2 new members of the editorial advisory board, Drs Nadine Sahyoun and Benjamin Caballero. They bring wonderful insights from their respective fields to the articles published in Nutrition Today. Stay tuned for additional announcements soon!


Nadine Sahyoun is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition in the College of Agriculture and an Affiliate Assistant Professor in the Center on Aging at the University of Maryland, College Park. In addition to being a registered dietitian, she completed a PhD in Nutrition from Tufts University School of Nutrition, with a concentration in nutritional predictors of mortality in the elderly. Dr Sahyoun's current research areas include assessing the study of the relationship between nutrition risk factors, nutrition status, and health of the older adult population. Other focus includes nutrition program evaluation. Welcome Nadine!

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Benjamin Caballero, MD, PhD, is the past Director of the Center for Human Nutrition, Vice Chairman of the Department of International Health and Professor at both the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University. Dr Caballero, with a PhD in neuroendocrine regulation from MIT and an MD from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has worked in the area of international nutrition for over 20 years. His research focuses on childhood obesity and amino acid and protein metabolism with a specific interest in identifying risk factors for obesity in children at different ages, including dietary patterns, physical activity, and growth patterns during early life. He is also working on the development of approaches for the prevention of obesity in children, as participants in the Pathways project, a multicenter clinical trial funded by the NIH. In the international arena, Dr Caballero is interested in the emerging problem of obesity in countries in nutritional transition, which, while continuing to have undernutrition as a significant public health problem, exhibit an increasing prevalence of obesity in adults and children from low-income families in urban areas. Welcome Benjamin!

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Movers and Shakers

Big Changes at IFIC, Schmidt to Succeed Rowe as President, Borra President of IFIC Foundation

The Board of Directors of the International Food Information Council elected David B. Schmidt to succeed Sylvia Rowe as IFIC President and Chief Executive Officer. Rowe has announced her plans to retire at the end of the year, after 11 years of distinguished leadership. Among Rowe's accomplishments during her career at the IFIC and the IFIC Foundation include the development of, Food for Thought and Improving Public Understanding; Guidelines for Communicating Emerging Science on Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health in partnership with the Harvard School of Public Health. Rowe's understanding of and leadership on food issues in the US and international arenas helped forge partnerships with leading health professional, government, academic, and consumer organizations. Schmidt, who currently serves as an Executive Vice President of the IFIC, will assume his new role January 1, 2006. Schmidt has been with IFIC for 12 years, with initial responsibility for the IFIC's food safety programs. He currently leads the IFIC's activities in nutrition communication, international relations, and media outreach. Susan Borra has also been with the IFIC for 12 years and currently serves as executive vice president, with broad expertise in nutrition and current responsibility for food safety programs. She will now lead the IFIC Foundation. Congratulations Dave and Sue!


Odonna Mathews of Giant Foods Retires

Odonna Mathews, Giant Food's Consumer Advisor for 33 years, has announced her retirement will continue to be affiliated with Giant by providing advice and counsel on consumer issues. Andrea Astrachan, JD, will be Giant's new Consumer Advisor. Ms Astrachan was raised and educated in the Washington DC area. She worked as a Giant cashier while in school and has a law degree from Howard University and is widely regarded in the supermarket field.


Odonna Mathews's career began as a summer intern in Giant's Consumer Affairs Department while attending the University of Maryland. Ms Mathews became the Director of Consumer Affairs when Esther Peterson left Giant in 1977 to serve as Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs to President Carter. In 1984, Ms Mathews was promoted to the position of Vice President where she has spearheaded many unique and innovative programs on behalf of television, newspaper, in-store brochures, and the Giant Web site. We wish Odonna best of luck in her new role at Giant and thank her for carrying the torch for consumer affairs in supermarkets.


Awards and Kudos

ILSI Europe Announces New President

After 6 years of excellent and outstanding services to ILSI Europe as President and many more years as member of the Board of Directors and various scientific committees, Professor Robert Kroes, Director of the Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, University of Utrecht, NL, has resigned from the President position and has retired from his professorship at the university. Professor Emeritus Paul Walter of the University of Basel, Switzerland, has been elected by the ILSI Europe member companies and Board of Directors as ILSI Europe President.


Professor Walter was Chairman of the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Basel, and Director of the Swiss Vitamin Institute. He has served for many years as the President of the Swiss Society of Biochemistry, the Swiss Union of Experimental Biology, the Swiss Academy of Sciences, the European Academy of Nutritional Sciences, and as Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel. He has published more than 150 papers in leading international journals in the field of biochemistry, intermediary metabolism in liver, enzyme regulation, bioenergetics, vitamins, and nutrition.


Congratulations to Professor Walter and now President in his new role!


Stunkard Honored for 50 Years of Obesity Research

Colleagues and friends of Albert J. "Mickey" Stunkard gathered in Vancouver, British Columbia in September to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first paper on obesity. Professor Stunkard is now emeritus after a long and fruitful clinical research career at the University of Pennsylvania. If he follows his distinguished and long-lived father's example, Mickey will be writing papers well into his nineties. Happy anniversary Mickey!


Ginsberg Receives Honorary ADA Membership

The American Dietetic Association awarded honorary membership to Henry N. Ginsberg, MD, of Columbia University, in recognition of his exemplary research in lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, numerous contributions to emerging areas of research including new coronary heart disease risk factors such as postprandial lipids and pioneering and seminal diet studies to evaluate the effects of fatty acids and dietary cholesterol on risk factors for coronary heart disease.

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Dr Ginsberg has made significant contributions to the evolution of dietary recommendations and development of practice guidelines for heart health and diabetes and has advocated for National Institutes of Health (NIH) financial support for nutrition research. He was honored during the ADA's annual Food and Nutrition Expo in St. Louis.


Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University Celebrates 50 Years!

In November 2005, the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University celebrated its 50th anniversary with a scientific symposium. Founded by Dr Henry Sebrell, longtime professor at Columbia and distinguished nutrition researcher. Drs Myron, "Mickey" Winick, Henry Ginsberg, Xavier Pi Sunyer, Sally Lederman, and EAB member Barbara Moore were among the speakers. Dr Barbara Underwood, and a distinguished alumna, formerly of Columbia, MIT and NIH also spoke.



American Heart Association Conference. Obesity, Lifestyle, and Cardiovascular Disease Symposium


January 18-20, 2006

Washington, DC.


For more information, contact American Heart Association National Center, 888 242-2453; 214 570-5935; or go to:


Clinical Nutrition Week-ASPEN


February 12-15, 2006

Dallas, Texas.


For more information, go to:


First Euro FIR Congress: Food Information Databank Systems


February 28, 2006

London, UK.


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27th American Overseas Dietetic Association (AODA) Conference


March 23-25, 2006

The Alexander Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.


For more information, contact: sinead@conferencepartners or go to:


Sixth Annual NIDDK-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics for Obesity and Nutrition Researchers


March 30-31, 2006

San Francisco, CA.


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