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  1. Jaeger, Jessica L. MS, RD, CDN
  2. Isoldi, Kathy K. PhD, RDN, CDN
  3. Salvatore, Deborah PhD, RDN, CDN
  4. Burrowes, Jerrilynn D. PhD, RD


Youth are vulnerable to societal pressures to be thin and are at higher risk of dieting to reduce body weight. Dieting can evolve into maladaptive behaviors intended to result in weight loss (disordered eating) because eating behaviors occur on a spectrum. This review is designed to assist clinicians in identifying and addressing disordered eating thoughts and behaviors in youths. Clinicians should rely on recognizing language describing disordered eating thoughts and behaviors, rather than on the youth's weight, when screening for disordered eating. Referral to specialized clinicians is crucial to guide the youth in developing a healthy relationship with food.