1. Rowe, Sylvia MA
  2. Alexander, Nick BA


The last 2 years have wrought profound changes in the science communication landscape, especially as it concerns health and related issues. In 2 previous articles, the present authors have analyzed risk and crisis communication in the COVID-19 environment-what mistakes may have been made and how communicators can improve message dissemination in future crisis situations. However, the effects of the past 2 years on current science communication do not end there. The recent enhanced focus on social media's possible role in spreading not only misinformation or disinformation but also actual harmful assaultive messaging has raised the communication stakes significantly. Given increasing public claims of widespread censorship and complaints about efforts to "manage" robust expression of both scientific and other ideas, communicators face unprecedented new challenges in their work. The present article offers perspective on the current state of affairs in health and science communications in historical context. The authors offer their guidance for delivering trustworthy information transparently.