1. Mayberry, Kalie M. MPA
  2. Scaccia, Jonathan P. PhD
  3. Mitsdarffer, Mary Louise PhD


Funded in 2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Communities RISE Together (RISE) aims to increase the reach and effectiveness of messages to address vaccine hesitancy to further health equity. Twitter is a predominant social media source used by communities to share messaging and factual local information with constituents. We looked at the Twitter accounts of the organizations in 10 regional communities to examine social media communication patterns to guide how to increase messaging engagement. Specifically, we focused on Twitter post content, likes, and retweets. Our findings identified certain words-such as "food," "older adults," "equity," and "covid"-that were most associated with increased likes and retweets on the platform. However, the strongest predictor of receiving likes and retweets is the number of followers. Sentiment was a significant, but not meaningful, predictor of tweet engagement.