1. Wood, Nathan MPH
  2. Mells, Jamie PhD
  3. Dotson, Timothy MS
  4. Jeffries, James E. MS


West Virginia has struggled with an overdose epidemic for many years and continues to have the highest overdose death rate in the nation. However, through successful collaboration between the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy and the West Virginia Department of Health via its Violence and Injury Prevention Program, West Virginia has improved data quality, enhanced program development and implementation, and developed strategies to address the overdose epidemic. This multiagency collaboration plays an important role in addressing the overdose epidemic and promotes lasting interagency relationships. One strategy is overcoming barriers to maximizing and utilizing the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, or PDMP. This strategy allows for a better understanding of a patient's prescription history and ensures safer prescribing practices. In addition, this strategic partnership facilitates the use of PDMP data for epidemiologic studies and public health surveillance, which results in sustainable analyses and dissemination of actionable data that are now driving public health action in West Virginia.