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    Management of Nonhealable and Maintenance Wounds: A Systematic Integrative Review and Referral Pathway

    Geertien C. Boersema RN, MCur (UP),Hiske Smart RN, MA (Nur), PGDipWHTR (UK), IIWCC,Maria G. C. Giaquinto-Cilliers MD, IIWCC,Magda Mulder PhD, RN, IIWCC,Gregory R. Weir MD, M.Med(Chir) (UP), CVS, IIWCC,Febe A. Bruwer RN, MSocSc(Nur), IIWCC,Patricia J. Idensohn MSc (Herts-UK), RN, IIWCC,Johanna E. Sander RN,Anita Stavast MSc (Herts–UK), RN, IIWCC,Mariette Swart RN, IIWCC,Susan Thiart RN, IIWCC,Zhavandre Van der Merwe RN, IIWCC

    Contact Hours: 4.5* Expires: 12/6/2024

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